"A CARING PLACE!" — Baxter's Mom
I have been taking my dog, Baxter, to Animal Magnetism Pet Services since they opened their doors
This is a wonderful facility with caring, dog loving owners. It is CLEAN, BRIGHT, and has plenty of
running room outside. I have had Baxter groomed and boarded there, and he goes to day care at
least twice a week. He can't wait to go in when we get their, and really doesn't care whether i pick
him up, or not. Seth and Patty Bach are the owners, Seth is the one who "Let's the dogs out", and
keeps up with the "accidents", and Patty does her "magic in the grooming department". You can't
find a better place to bring a dog. I highly recommend it!!!


Animal Magnetism Pet Services is simply wonderful! I would not want to leave my sweet puppy anywhere
else. I am so pleased with the devotion that the owners show toward all of the dogs. The dogs are played
with most of the day--with some built in rest times. The owners also take the time to match up the doggies
with the perfect playmates--Aspen has made some great buddies(both dogs and humans)!!She absolutely
loves going to Doggie Daycare--there's nothing that excites her more! She comes home exhausted and it's
obvious that she has had a perfect day. Thank you for providing a safe/happy place for my pup!


Seth and Patty of Animal Magnetism Pet Services are warm, wonderful people. They have an excellent facility
in Waynesville (Hazelwood area). We got to know them years ago as petsitters in Sylva and were thrilled when
they opened just over the mountain. Our Golden Retriever, Honey, loves them both and looks forward to every
visit. We bring Honey for regular baths and she now *loves* to take a bath. If you know Goldens, you know that
their skincan be sensitive and ear infections are common. Patty deeply cleans, clips and dries her ears/body so
infections nolonger occur. She even recommended a different (much cheaper) food for her, which has virtually
eliminated her skin problems and ear infections - saving us hundreds in vet bills andvisits. These guys "get it"
when it comes to pet love and care. When we go on trips, we boardHoney with them. They socialize her with
other dogs, while giving her personal love and attention. Seth and Patty call if anything is amiss, and sometimes
just to let us know things are going well. Honey is calm and refreshed (vs. stressed & tired), when we pick her up.
We love Animal Magnetism Pet Services for both bathing and boarding. Pay a visit to their tidy, neat and comfy
facility - we are sure you'll never need anything more for your pet.